Important Information Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Update as of May 8th, 2020:  

Well, the time is finally here: this Saturday, May 9th, we'll be open from 11:00 to 4:00 for shopping!  Of course, we're following all CDC guidelines and will have plenty of informational posters in the store to keep you up to date on our procedures, but we ask that this Saturday be used for gift purchasing only for Mother's Day shopping and ask for you to wait until next week for repair pickups (more on repairs and pickups below).  Currently, we have to restrict our capacity, so we'll only have a few shoppers in the store at a time, and we want to maximize the ability for folks to get in and out reasonably if they need that last minute gift.  We encourage you to take a look at our online store at to shop before you come in.  A good portion of our inventory is available online, and we'll be doing free in-store pickup all day Saturday! 

Next week we'll be open Tuesday through Sunday with modified hours for shopping and repair pickup.  We'll post an update Saturday after we can gauge our traffic in the store because although we want to make sure we can meet every need, we also want to make sure everyone is safe in our store.  We're not a big 100,000 square foot big box store, so we have to be very mindful of social distancing and prevention.

A quick note about repairs: during this time of transition back to normal, our typical "while you wait" services will not be available under most circumstances.  Things like watch batteries, band adjustments, and minor jewelry repairs will move to next day pickup to allow us to properly handle and sanitize items to minimize exposure to both crowds of people in the store, and to our customers from one item to the next.  

See the FAQs below for more info.  We look forward to seeing you all as we slowly adjust back to normal in 2020!

The most effective way to communicate with us during this time is still for you to click the "CONTACT US" button below and email us, or contact us through Facebook Messenger.  We try to return all emails and messages the same day.


Our showroom will be open to the public again beginning May 9th.  Our hours will be modified to allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing of our store, but we will still be open Tuesday through Saturday, and closed Sunday and Monday.  We’ll post any updates to our hours on our Facebook page, website, and on our after-hours phone system.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

According to the NIH, the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive on metals for 24-72 hours, so we’re taking extra precautions with your jewelry.  All items are thoroughly cleaned before and after repair in a heated solution, and anything that cannot be heated will be cleaned with a 70%+ alcohol solution to help kill any virus that may be on the items.  

We are also following CDC guidelines on social distancing in the store.  We'll have plenty of signs up as reminders, and we'll be restricting the number of customers in the store at a time for the foreseeable future.  If we want to stay open, we need to make sure everyone is safe.  Please make sure you follow our signs, maintain a safe distance of six feet or more, and wear masks and gloves to help prevent the spread if you can.

This is a business that is very person to person oriented, and it's almost impossible to be in our store and be less than six feet away from someone.  We're hyper aware of this, and are doing our absolute best to provide quality service while continuing to bend the curve down and slow the spread.

Retail Sales:

We've added a new online store to our website and are continuing to update our inventory daily.  We encourage you to take a quick look and shop online before you come in, as we're happy to offer free in-store pickup of anything ordered online.  If you’re looking for a specific item for a gift that you need during this time and don't see it on our store, contact us through phone, email, or Facebook Messenger and we’ll try to arrange shipping or pickup.  


Although our store was closed for several weeks, we continued to work on repair jobs and are happy to say that most of our repairs from the last 4-6 weeks that did not require us to order parts are ready to go.  We did eventually run out of our stock of things like clasps, solder, watch batteries, and even gold for sizing, but most of our suppliers are now back open and shipping us the things we need.  

What that means is that most JEWELRY repair items (everything except watches) are ready for pickup.  Custom jewelry jobs that we were working on totally depend on if we were able to source components before the first week or so of March.  We'll be getting in touch with our custom folks to give you updates over the next week or so.

Many of our watches are ready to go as well, but we typically have to order parts specific to the watch to repair them if it takes more than a generic part.  We hope to have the watches caught up over the next week or two as our suppliers reopen and begin regular shipping.

Our "while you wait" services such as watch battery replacement, band adjustment, or minor jewelry repairs will be suspended for the most part.  Because of how easily the virus can survive on metal objects, we'll need to take extra precautions to make sure we, you, and all our families are safe.  Additional procedures will have to be followed to make sure both your items and our tools are properly sanitized throughout the day, and we want to be able to serve as many people as possible.  We expect these services to be "next day pickup" in most cases.

We are doing our best over the next few days to call you to let you know if your items are ready, but if you want to check the status please email us from the contact link above, or send a message to us on Facebook.  We'll be able to check those a little quicker than phone calls.

Special Orders/Custom Jobs/Parts on Order:

As of March 27th, almost all of our vendors were closed due to their own "stay at home" and "shelter in place" orders in their home cities.  Many have been closed as early as the first week of March.  Several of our suppliers have begun opening as of May 1st, so we should be able to start getting parts and merchandise in soon.  If you haven't heard from us, we probably haven't gotten your items in yet, but feel free to check in next week.

When will these policies change?

We will do our best to keep you updated with any changes through our Facebook, Instagram, and website, as well as our after hours phone system.  Hopefully, if we do the right thing now during this unprecedented time we can get this thing under control and get back to life as normal.  Take this time to be with your families, and stay safe - we’ll be here when it’s over.