Important Information Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus

As of March 30th, both the Mayor of Graham and Governor of North Carolina have issued "stay at home" orders for all non-essential businesses and employees.  As we are classified as non-essential, our showroom will be closed to the public until at least the middle of April.  We are still answering phone calls when we're in the building during days we're closed, returning messages left on the phone when we aren't able to answer, and returning all emails and messages through Facebook Messenger.


Our showroom is currently closed to the public, but staff will be working modified hours to continue to complete repairs and custom jobs as we can.  We will continue to answer phone calls and messages, emails, and Facebook Messenger as often as we can.  Depending on how the next week or so plays out, we may consider appointment only hours for pickups, but we will announce that at a later date.  We’ll post any updates to our hours on our Facebook page, website, and on our after-hours phone system.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

According to the NIH, the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive on metals for 24-72 hours, so we’re taking extra precautions with your jewelry.  All items are thoroughly cleaned before and after repair in a heated solution, and anything that cannot be heated will be cleaned with a 70%+ alcohol solution to help kill any virus that may be on the items.  

Retail Sales:

We’re very lucky to have a devoted group of customers who look to us as their business of choice for gifts for loved ones and friends.  We want to continue to help you with these purchases during this unprecedented time, but we also want you to be as safe as possible.  If you’re looking for an item for a gift that you absolutely need during this time, contact us through phone, email, or Facebook Messenger and we’ll try to arrange shipping or pickup.  If it can wait, we’ll be more than happy to help you after the worst has passed.


We attempted to call as many people as possible last week when we expected a "stay home" order from local and state officials, but we know we didn't get everyone.  Right now, we're trying to work out a schedule to maintain CDC social distancing guidelines and meet the "stay at home" order requirements while continuing to make sure all our customers' valuables are safe in our store.  As you know, social distancing guidelines require that you maintain 6 feet of separation to prevent spread of the virus, which is difficult to do when you have to hand items that are small back and forth to your customers.  We'll work on this and update you as soon as we can.

Special Orders/Custom Jobs/Parts on Order:

As of March 27th, almost all of our vendors were closed due to their own "stay at home" and "shelter in place" orders in their home cities.  Many have been closed as early as the first week of March.  We’ll do our best to estimate when your items will be ready, but please be patient as at this point most any estimate of shipping is just a best guess.  

When will these policies change?

We will do our best to keep you updated with any changes through our Facebook, Instagram, and website, as well as our after hours phone system.  Hopefully, if we do the right thing now during this unprecedented time we can get this thing under control and get back to life as normal.  Take this time to be with your families, and stay safe - we’ll be here when it’s over.